ITS (Insurance Technology Solutions) is the parent company of Affordable Health Insurance Quotes.  Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida ITS is known for being a one stop shop for all of your insurance needs.  Our goal?  To be number one on the top of all search engines for everything insurance.  We will be one of the only companies that actually sells insurance and not leads.

In the meantime, call us at 888-803-5917 for more information about whatever insurance assistance you need now.

Health Insurance Quotes

Health insurance at ITS is handled by East Coast Health Insurance one of the largest online health insurance brokerage in the world.  Offering health insurance plans from the large national carriers including Aetna, AARP, AARP life insurance, Cigna, Humana, United, and Coventry as well as all of the regional carriers such as Sierra in the western states, Kaiser Permanente, and all of the different Blue Cross state companies.

You can not only look at free quotes online from our site, but you can even purchase a plan on our secure site from all large, respected carriers, and if you get confused or can’t make up your mind, we are standing by to help you at 888-803-5917.  And we won’t sell you anything!  Our sales agents have been trained to listen, not to sell.  If you have any other kind of experience, you are encouraged to call our office and ask for anyone with the last name Ehrenthal who will make sure your needs are met.

Health insurance is going to be changing quite a bit over the next few months and of course years, and East Coast Health Insurance will be your adviser throughout as we keep up with all changes good and bad for you.  So what are you waiting for?  Call us already!

Auto Insurance Quotes

Ok, admittedly we are new to Auto Insurance, but what we lack in experience we made up for by hiring one of the top nationwide Auto Insurance expert teams.  In conjunction with our business partner, Sawicki Agency we are making to sure to deliver the same expertise and philosophies that we use for health insurance.  We only offer top carriers and can easily beat almost 90% of the rates of clients that call us and even get more insurance in many cases for less money.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Our main focus with homeowners has been getting licensed with as many great companies as possible in order to make sure everyone has a chance to find affordable property insurance quotes.

With our sister company Sawicki Agency we are now experts in property insurance.  If you have become exhausted searching for affordable property insurance, why not give us a try?

Life Insurance & Retirement Products

With literally hundreds of life insurance companies to choose from, picking a life insurance company can get pretty confusing right?  Wrong!  Its really simple actually if you are dealing with an honest broker!  We run a quote for a term policy for a specific face amount for a specified period of time and then choose the most affordable AAA rated company!

Usually its Genworth, Banner Life, AIG (but we won’t sell that now!), and Allianz and even if it isn’t one of those companies in your particular demographic, we are most likely already licensed with the most affordable company or will be.

As you can see Insurance Technology Solutions is committed to a few, simple core principles, honesty and affordability.  We don’t make decisions for us, but for you.  That’s our big secret! 99% of insurance brokers choose insurance based on commission payout, our brokers have no idea what the payouts even are because frankly we refuse to tell them!

So give us a try for your insurance needs today!  Call 888-803-5917 now no matter what kind of insurance you are shopping for!